Packing for Spain

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I’m finally getting a chance to use the new luggage my parents gave me for Christmas. You know what that means, I’m packing for Spain! While it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to my trusty Samsonite suitcase, it’s nice not worrying if my duct tape job will make it through ONE more airport.

Goodnight Sweet Prince

I might turn my old suitcase into some sort of collage of all the trips I took with it, but probably not.

But I digress, I will be bringing my new suitcase with me to Spain where I will be spending my Spring teaching English in Madrid. Now I have never visited Spain for more than two weeks but I think I have a good idea of what I will be needing. Thankfully, I will be staying in a fully furnished room near some of the other ESL teachers.

As usual I am packing with enough room to bring back anything I might find to add to my collection.  I’ve got two pairs of jeans, about five t-shirts and three dress shirts for the days I have class. I always end up buying clothes the week I arrive somewhere anyways.

The last time I was in Spain I bought a pair of shoes for 15 euro and they were fantastic. I’m bringing a pair of trainers so I can go running in the morning but I plan on buying some great spanish leather shows once I’m in Madrid.

I’ve got my Mac to keep up with Vagabond and my parents back home. My Nikon has been acting a bit funky but hopefully I will be able to document my trip using that and not the iPhone.  Finally, I’ve learned my lesson from the last time I spent more than a couple days in Spain and I am bringing an ocean of deodorant. For some reason deodorant in Spain is awful, and I am known for not having the most pleasurably odor when traveling through a hot city.

If you have any suggestions of what to bring with me to Spain, drop me a line in the comments.

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