Swedish Semla

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To all my American friends and readers, I would like to introduce…Semla! Well, okay, I don’t really care about the significance of Fat Tuesday or Easter, I’m not really religious, sorry mom! But, I was able to scarf down a ton of semla, which is a wheat cardamom-spiced bun which is essentially like a whoopie pie, it’s got the middle part cut out and is filled with a mix of the bread, milk, almond paste, and whipped cream. Every Tuesday from Shrove Tuesday to Easter people eat these things, and other holidays too. If you like cinnamon or saffron buns, this is sure to become one of your new favorites, it’s so cute too.
swedish semla
Alongside that, I also bought a small  gym membership, because I really like my pastries. I went to Fysiken since it was recommended as a great place for students on a budget. I know that Sportlife is a great option too, they have more places and are probably more flexible. But  I really like it so far, it’s right near where I live, and I love their classes! I learned just how out of shape I was REAL fast, and I definitely gained a few pounds the past month. The instructors teach in Swedish, obviously, but you can always ask for help too, they are all super fit and I definitely feel like I need to up my fitness game.