Travel Tips For Your First Greek Holiday with Family

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Greece is, without a doubt, one of the best countries in the world when it comes to family holidays. The whole country boasts endless shores, a rich history, diverse land masses and dramatic islands – all catering to kids and adults. The place welcomes everyone with a sense of familiar warmth, a sense of inclusion and endless options of things to do. Whether you want to go island-hopping or you just want to explore old towns, this popular tourist destination will have what you need.

Traveling to Greece with your family means a significant amount of time spent exploring beautiful beaches, spending time at your resort, indulging in adrenalin-inducing activities and much more. Whether it’s just swimming, windsurfing, cliff-diving or a casual waterpark visit – your kids will never run out of options or get bored.

Family holidays might be a challenge especially if you’re visiting a place for the first time. Teenagers can pack, travel and have fun on their own too, but how about young children and toddlers? In this article I will talk about how to plan ahead for a full family summer holiday in Greece.

Why Greece

That Mediterranean feel…
There is this undeniable Mediterranean feel that emanates through every corner of Greece, one that is characterized by colorful boats, little harbors, the smell of seafood and how unspoilt everything is. Wandering around villages or islands will shed a light on that. Best thing about all of this? Children are absolutely loved, given a lot of attention and the atmosphere will make them feel like all the locals there are family.

Greek food!
Greek food is perfect for both children and adults. Healthy, fresh, fun and absolutely delicious; we guarantee that you won’t be eating the same thing everyday. Hundreds of little taverns line up every island and city, and there you can enjoy an afternoon mezze or a full lunch and maybe learn a Greek recipe or two!

The stunning views everywhere…
Whether it’s the whitewashed houses that juxtapose with blue waters, the dramatic cliffs, the old towns or the stunning harbors – Greece is blessed with beauty everywhere. Most of Greece remains unspoilt until this day and there are dozens of child-friendly beaches and resorts where you can enjoy backdrops of mountains and shallow, safe waters.

An interesting history lesson…
Your kids will not only be spending their time basking under the sun and eating great food, but they’ll also be getting the perfect fun history lesson. With stories that resonate with each island, your child’s imagination will be going crazy. Greek Gods and goddesses, temples and myths will be around you and your kids.

It’s a great value for the money you’ll be spending!
Let’s be clear – Greece is very cheap compared to its sisters, France and Italy. Expect to pay much less for much better views and even the accommodation and the activities cost a lot less as well. You’ll find that you’ve spent very little money on your family beach holiday in Greece.  Family holidays usually tend to get very expensive, but it’s all about the right planning. If you plan or book the right guided tour, then you’re bound to save a lot of money and get a great value out of it.

Tips and tricks for a great family holiday:

Best time to visit.
The best time to visit Greece is anytime from May to September. That’s when most of the islands start opening up, when the weather is warm, and when the weather is perfect for swimming as well! If you want to avoid huge tourist crowds and inflated prices then try visiting either in May or in September as these will be the shoulder months.

Pack light and smart.
Don’t pack too much. Make sure you pack lightly and smartly, get a small bag and use packing cubes and organizers to become more efficient as well!

If you’re going to visit Athens and the islands, then visit Athens in a day or two.
Even though Athens is a great city, you’ll need a maximum of two days to explore it and it’s not too much fun for kids. You can visit the museums, the Acropolis, and all the historical sights and explore around Plaka in one day. We recommend giving more time for the nearby islands, so pack accordingly!

Don’t worry about eating out.
Eating out will not be a chore, and you’ll never find yourself having to skip on a restaurant because it’s not kid-friendly. Most of the restaurants cater to kids and you will always feel welcomed there.

Don’t skip out on tours.
In most countries, tours are considered a rip-off but in Greece they definitely are not. All tour guides in Greece are required to get a full degree in Greek history, so you will be getting actual insightful information about the attractions you visit. Your kids will be learning all types of new information on these tours.

If you’re traveling in summer, you have to book your hotels in advance.
Greece is an extremely popular travel destination and booking in advance is absolutely important. If you’re visiting anytime from May to September it’s recommended to book your hotel well in advance. Of course, we understand that you might want a little flexibility on your trip, but if you’re a family, it is going to be harder to find bigger rooms so plan accordingly!

There are three different ways you can get to the islands…
You can either land in Athens first, explore for a day and then take a ferry ride to one of the islands.
You can simply fly directly to any of the islands if you’re not interested in visiting Athens.
You can fly to both, Athens and the islands.

Don’t visit too many islands.
It’s completely understandable that you’ll want to be visiting as many islands as possible, but give each island 2 days at least and try not to overwhelm yourself with extra planning and precautions.

Most hotels, restaurants and shops are not open during the winter months.
It’s not advisable to go to the islands in winter. Despite the fact that the islands will be very cheap, most things will be closed.

You don’t need to depart and arrive from the same city.
It will be a lot cheaper for you to depart and arrive at different cities if you’re planning on island hopping.

Top Places to Visit with Kids

Modern hotels, wellness resorts, plenty of restaurants, cafes, and gorgeous sandy beaches – Rhodes is perfect to go with your kids. From medieval fortifications to water sports, there will be everything to keep your kids busy!

Of course, Athens is a must-visit to your trip in Greece. From the Ancient Agora to the Acropolis to the Changing of the Guards, it will be like a crash-course in history for your kids.

Crete is by far one of t the best places in Greece for your family vacation. Sandy beaches, boat trips, pools, gorges and history museums will enchant both, you and your kids. The medieval towns will charm your kids and the Venetian harbors will get you falling in love. It’s a place of exploration, of history and of picturesque beaches.

One island village after another, plenty of glorious beaches and a lot of things to do – the Cyclades muster up an image of the perfect Greek holiday.

Having a Greek holiday is simply one of the best things you can do with your family. The options are practically endless for the things you can do, and as long as you plan accordingly and in advance, you’re bound to have a great trip! And don’t forget, if you need help planning it, check out Travelstart!