We’re Heading to Spain

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We’re Heading to Spain!

I finally found the time to sit down and write again, pretty big news! That’s right, my crazy lifestyle has finally managed to subside long enough for me to sit down in a quiet space with the trust Mac and blog!

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I’ve done some spotty substitute teaching for the last couple weeks of being home. Jobs were hard to come by as most schools are out of session for the holiday, but I finally managed to scrounge up enough money to realistically set sail for my next travel adventure.

After mulling it over with my family and friends for some time, I finally decided to go to Spain. I’ll be working alongside one of my fellow travel writers, Melissa – the perfect distraction from the home sickness that sidelined me toward the end of my Italy trip.

Talking with Melissa yesterday afternoon over lunch, we started mapping up some potential sights to provide some coverage on during our stay. I started out by mentioning the local bull fights and it doesn’t sound like Mel wants any part of that – hard to blame her, as big of a softie as she can be.

So although Melanie didn’t want to see a bull fight, I happily agreed to accompany her to a future flamenco show. What’s not to love? Beautiful Spanish women dancing to beautiful local music – sign me up!

If you’ve been following Vagabond for a while now, you’ll know that I’m a serious foodie. Fortunately Melanie and I met in the middle here – we both want to track down the best Spanish dishes and eateries the region has to offer. I’m officially on the hunt for the best Spanish omelet and paella – although it’s worth mentioning I cook a mean version of the latter that will be hard to top!

Finally we got down to brass tacks – we had to decide upon our top destination overall. I made sure to put Melanie on the spot here as I’m a firm believer of acting out of instinct. Surprisingly, Melanie wanted to visit Ibiza the most out of anywhere else in Spain – considered a worldwide premier party destination.

Maybe I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but my first answer was The Running of the Bulls. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening until closer to summer so we’ll miss it by a few months. I quickly changed my answer to Sagrada Familia, a beautiful Roman Catholic church serving as some of Spain’s best living history. In essence, the furthest thing from Ibiza.

We haven’t actually created a real itinerary yet but you’ll definitely be seeing some or most of the things I’ve mentioned in the months to come!

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