tj and dave

Tj and Dave at Improv Olympic

So I just visited Chicago to meet up with a friend who was graduating from Loyola University, while I was out there I decided that I wanted to see one of my favorite comedy shows in the nation. TJ and Dave are two of the greatest improvisers to come out of the Second City in… Read more

Kowloon Market Hong Kong: Photos from the Vault

Every week I scour the internet for some of my favorite travel photos. A couple years back I visited Hong Kong and did a photo spread on the Kowloon Market in Hong Kong. I found these photos on reddit from the user black_lace_and_heels. These show some of the more bizarre foods that are featured in… Read more


Cheesies Pub and Grub: Cheap Food Chicago

So I was just hanging out in Chicago for the weekend to see my brother perform in an improv show with some of his buddies from college. Now I haven’t been out to Chicago in a long time but I have a lot of friends from Arizona who moved out there to work for a… Read more

Austin Texas Hipster

Austin Texas Hipster, The definitive list

When most people think of Texas they think of gun rights, cowboys hats, chewing tobacco, and SUV’s but what most people don’t is that there is a vibrant community of Austin Texas Hipster guys and gals.  Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” because it has more music venues per capita… Read more