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Cat Cafe in Osaka

During my stint in Japan I wanted to seek out all the unique experiences I could cram into a week, experiences I could certainly not replicate back in the states. Today I took a journey to the Cats’ Time Cafe in Osaka for one of the most memorable portions of the trip. What’s a Cat… Read more

Gothenburg Music Venues

So, my friends back home really dug my last post about movies, so I’m going to write about music now! There’s a lot of good stuff around here, let me tell you! If you’re a metal guy or gal, you’ll be in heaven here, there’s so many harder bands like that. It’s so weird that… Read more

Famous Swedish Movies

I’m sick, so I decided to watch some famous Swedish movies today in my apartment, I have already seen the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies so I wanted something new, so here is my mini-review of everything I watched: 1. The Seventh Seal. Wow, this movie was POWERFUL, Ingmar Bergman seems like a really… Read more

Swedish Semla

To all my American friends and readers, I would like to introduce…Semla! Well, okay, I don’t really care about the significance of Fat Tuesday or Easter, I’m not really religious, sorry mom! But, I was able to scarf down a ton of semla, which is a wheat cardamom-spiced bun which is essentially like a whoopie… Read more