First Run, More Portland Adventures

Had an awesome day in Portland! Remember those running shoes I mentioned from an earlier post? (Thanks again, Sarah!) Well, I finally had an opportunity to use them this morning with very little lined up for my activities. Turns out that going for a run dictated the rest of my day for me. I must… Read more


Hiking Around Mt Hood!

If you’ve never been to Portland before, there’s something truly remarkable about this area. I’m actually surprised I hadn’t mentioned it in any of my earlier postings, but nonetheless, from virtually anywhere in the city there is the snow capped giant of Mt Hood in the distance. Today I had the opportunity to hike some its more merciful trails. Standing at… Read more

Thank You, Sarah! Best Guide in Town

Today is my final day with Sarah, sadly. I’ve had such an amazing trip out to Portland, complete thanks to her. Next time she’s in my neck of the woods, I’ll have to return the favor in full. I’ve already thought of some great places to take her, she’s just got to rack up the… Read more

Touring Rogue Brewery in Portland, OR

Woke up this morning and had breakfast on the porch. Sun was shining and plenty of people out walking their adorable dogs – this city is definitely very dog friendly. Practically every person who walked past me outside waved and offered a cheerful hello, that’s something I’m not entirely accustom to. Sarah surprised me and told… Read more