Finishing Up My Berlin Experience

It has been an eye opening Berlin experience staying in here these past two months. Every time I move to a new city for longer than a couple weeks there is always a flurry of emotions. There is always that initial culture shock when you realize that you are living in this city all alone…. Read more

Watching some German movies while in Germany

It has been a pretty slow week for me as we are awaiting to hear approval on a new campaign I have been working on. So I decided that even when you are in a city as robust as Berlin it might be a nice idea to just stay inside for a day, pour myself… Read more

Currywurst is the Curryworst

Ok I’ve been in town for just over a month and I see these stands on every corner. I heard about the Currywurst from all my friends who have visited Berlin… I have also heard that they are absolutely terrible. But it seemed like I was never going to get out of this city without… Read more

Lerchen und Eulen: The best cafe/bar in Berlin

One of my clients out here decided to celebrate a breakthrough in our newest project by taking me out for drinks at Lerchen und Eulen. He asked me what vibe I was looking for and I told him that I wanted to go to a bar that I couldn’t find in every travel book or travel blog… Read more