Christmas in Berlin: A Merry Weihnachten

This is my first Christmas in Berlin but it isn’t my first time spending Christmas alone in a foreign city. The first time I did it  I felt quite lonely watching all the other families scuttling around in their Christmas garb and merriment. But I have learned that having good friends and family doesn’t mean… Read more

Beach Bars in Berlin

Hey gang it’s been over a week so I thought I would clue you in on what I have been doing while in Berlin (the coolest being hitting up beach bars). First, let me just say that you must throw away any preconceived notions that you may have about Germany because this city looks more… Read more

Arrived at Berlin-Tegel International Airport today!

I just arrived at the Berlin-Tegel International Airport yesterday and I settled in to my little bungalow just outside of Mitte, which is where I will be doing most of my business for the next two months. From the BTIA I took a cab to my bungalow, met with the kind old woman who is… Read more

Travel Backpack and Packing Light: Preparing for Berlin

If I have learned anything from living in foreign countries it’s that it is very easy to be unprepared for your experience… you are going to need a travel backpack. Inversely, you do not want to fall into the trap of being over prepared. I learned that lesson when I shipped my entire PC and… Read more